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Emily Carr University

Emily Carr University is one of the top ranked specialized universities in the world in Art, Media and Design. Red Dot of Singapore recently ranked Emily Carr among the top fifteen institutions in Design. The university has been a foundational part of the art community in Canada since 1925 and has over two thousand full-time and three thousand part-time students. Emily Carr is a place of innovation ranging from research into Health, Data, Robotics, Wearables, Stereo 3D Cinema, Immersive and Augmented Technologies combined with the disciplines of Media, Visual Arts, Industrial and Communications Design, Sculpture, Ceramics and Film/Video. Emily Carr is a place for makers and doers, students and faculty and researchers interested in changing the world, thinking deeply about new models of social organization and challenging preconceptions about the impact and importance of the creative economy. Learning is based on critical feedback in small studio and academic classes with a new campus that fully expresses the best of what creative people can achieve.


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Approximately 87,000 children in Canada are affected by autism. A new web platform promises to help their families access much-needed research knowledge.

Design lab connects autism families with research

Families supporting children with autism urgently need better access to the latest research about evidence-based treatments. A new health design project from Emily Carr University is helping.
While the original Blade Runner provides some insight into artificial life, and the book explores power and human relationships, Blade Runner 2049 has none of that. (Handout)

Blade Runner 2049: No hope in this dystopia

Blade Runner 2049 represents a failure of the imagination. The film is a series of events strung together and steeped in narcissism, excessive self-absorption, isolation and regressive politics.
The city of Vancouver is set among a beautiful background, but the scenic wonder masks other problems. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward

Vancouver’s urban conundrum: Let’s design better cities

Vancouver may be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but the president of Emily Carr University says the city could benefit from the discipline of design.


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