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Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School has been synonymous with excellence in education, research and clinical care for generations.

Since the school was established in 1782, faculty members have improved human health by innovating in their roles as physicians, mentors and scholars. They’ve piloted educational models, developed new curricula to address emerging needs in health care, and produced thousands of leaders and compassionate caregivers who are shaping the fields of science and medicine throughout the world with their expertise and passion.


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Écoutez l’avis des couples âgés qui savent comment bien faire les choses. Geber86/E+ via Getty Images

À la maison avec votre conjoint ? Inspirez-vous des retraités !

Il existe des similitudes importantes entre la retraite et l’isolement qu’engendre la distanciation sociale. Les couples nouvellement confinés doivent s'inspirer de l'expérience des plus âgés.
James Young Simpson’s Caesarian forceps, Hunterian Museum, Glasgow. Stephencdickson/Wikipedia

How forceps permanently changed the way humans are born

Childbirth used to be a terrifying ordeal. But women were surrounded by others – mothers, aunts, sisters – who brought love and experience. But midway through the 19th century, this changed.
Health workers from Bwera hospital prepare to transport the body of a fifty-year-old woman who died of Ebola to the burial site in Bwera, Uganda. MELANIE ATUREEBE/EPA

How Africa’s porous borders make it difficult to contain Ebola

Ebola is difficult to contain because of human social and behavioural factors. But it can be if 100% of the infected people's contacts are identified and monitored.
Des professionnels de la santé enterrent un enfant mort du virus Ebola dans la province du Nord-Kivu, en République démocratique du Congo. La propagation du virus ne donne aucun signe d'essoufflement. Hugh Kinsella Cunningham/EPA

Trois solutions radicales pour arrêter la propagation d'Ebola en Afrique

Les faits sont incontestables : l'épidémie actuelle d'Ebola est en expansion et ne donne aucun répit. La méfiance envers l’autorité, la guerre civile et le virus constituent un cocktail explosif.
Under the El tracks, downtown Chicago. Franck Michel

Urban noise pollution is worst in poor and minority neighborhoods and segregated cities

New research shows that noise pollution in US cities is concentrated in poor and minority communities. Beyond regulating airplane noise, the US has done relatively little to curb noise pollution.
Singers from the New York City Gay Men’s Choir sing Dec. 1, 2015 at the Apollo Theater in New York for World AIDS Day. A new health foe has emerged among gay and bisexual men. AP Photo/Seth Wenig

How the anal cancer epidemic in gay and bi HIV-positive men can be prevented

A new study shows that anal cancer, caused by the virus HPV, can be successfully fought in HIV-positive men by timely treatment and HPV vaccination of lesions that may ultimately lead to cancer.
For many, the heart of the health care debate is the ability of patients to choose their own health care, including whether to buy insurance and which doctor to see. Alpa Prod/

What does choice mean when it comes to health care?

The Republican position on health care has been based upon a belief in individual choice. Here's how their own versions of health care bills eroded choice, however, and how they also did harm.


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