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Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

IDC Herzliya’s founders sought to create an Israeli university in which personal achievements go hand in hand with social responsibility. Our outlook is rooted in the concepts of “freedom and responsibility” and emphasizes initiative and leadership alongside community service.In March of 2018, IDC Herzliya was granted permission to apply to the Council for Higher Education to award the PhD degree in Law. This is the first such case in Israel for a non-university higher-education institution. The PhD program at IDC in Law is headed by Prof. Aharon Barak, former President of the Supreme Court and among Israel’s most distinguished jurists. Once granted accreditation to award the PhD, IDC Herzliya will become the first private university in the State of Israel.


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The New IRA apologized for killing investigative journalist Lyra McKee during a riot in Derry. Reuters/Charles McQuillan

Why do rebel groups apologize?

Organizations try to hide mistakes and evade responsibility, studies show. But two scholars analyzing militant and terrorist groups say they are willing to acknowledge their mistakes – sometimes.


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