Kanazawa Institute of Technology

Kanazawa Institute of Technology (金沢工業大学 Kanazawa Kōgyō Daigaku) is an institution of higher learning in Japan. It is often called KIT, koudai (工大 kōdai) or Kinko (金工 Kinkō) for short.

Kanazawa Institute of Technology (KIT) first started as Hokuriku Dempa School in Kosaka-machi, Kanazawa, in 1957 for the purpose of training radio wave engineers. It became Kanazawa Technical College in 1962 and the Kanazawa Institute of Technology in 1965. A Master Degree Program was added in 1978, and a Doctoral Degree Program in 1980.

It is known for its unique educational policy that attaches importance to initiative of students. One of the examples is Yumekobo (夢考房 Yumekōbō), coined from yume (dream), kō (thought, to think) and kōbō (workshop), where students take parts in their projects and research on solar cars, universal design, etc.


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