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Kobe University

Kobe University is an academic institution that has continued to encourage forward-looking and independent thinking in working toward our ideal of creating ‘harmony between theory and reality’. Building on these traditions, we are now endeavouring to further utilize our ability for collaboration and integration. We pledge to become an outstanding research university that meets the highest international standards for teaching and research and can serve as a centre for value creation that will help to solve the issues facing our society both at present and in the future.

Through multi-faceted academic exchanges with major overseas universities in joint research and collaborative education, Kobe University will dramatically enhance its function as a ‘hub campus’ that attracts talented personnel from around the world and equips students with an international perspective. Through these collaborations in education and research, Kobe University will not only contribute to the development and practical implementation of state-of-the-art technologies that will benefit humankind but also produce graduates who will play a leading role in finding solutions to global issues.


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Pemerintah Indonesia memberlakukan kebijakan baru mulai 17 Juli 2022 bahwa penumpang pesawat domestik wajib vaksinasi tahap ke tiga atau booster COVID-19. ANTARA FOTO/Muhammad Iqbal/foc.

Kasus varian Omicron BA.4 dan BA.5 makin meningkat: mengapa selalu berulang naik-turun kasus COVID?

Mereduksi segala fenomena yang terjadi semata-mata karena kemampuan varian baru dan rincian mutasi-mutasi yang terjadi, membuat fokus terhadap aspek inang dan lingkungan dipandang sebelah mata.


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