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Olmedo Vega pasó 35 años como comandante de la guerrilla de las FARC antes de trasladarse al campamento de desmovilización de Agua Bonita. Juan Pablo Valderrama

En un campo de reinserción para exguerrilleros colombianos: “Las palabras de reconciliación son ahora nuestras únicas armas”

La reinserción exitosa de miles de exguerrilleros de las FARC sigue siendo uno de los muchos desafíos de gran envergadura para el nuevo Gobierno colombiano.
Olmedo Vega spent 35 years as a FARC guerrilla commander before moving to the Agua Bonita demobilisation camp. Photograph: Juan Pablo Valderrama

Inside a reintegration camp for Colombia’s ex-guerrilla fighters: ‘Words of reconciliation are our only weapons now’

The outcome of Colombia’s presidential election has major implications for the survival of its historic peace deal, and the prospects of former combatants who have committed to a life without conflict
It’s no surprise the TV coverage makes you want a drink. Elise Amendola/AP

Media more stressful for some than witnessing Boston bombs

Those who experience a terrorist attack firsthand are prone to suffer from acute stress. That much is obvious. But does living that experience repeatedly through the media’s coverage of the event cause…


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