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Change is the norm in today’s world. Digital technologies are driving continuous changes in our society and economy with a high degree of dynamism. Above all, the media industry is characterized by this constant change and a multitude of innovative developments. How can we deal with the future of the media society? How can we foresee, identify and exploit the opportunities brought on by digital transformation? These and other questions about the global media and business world are addressed by the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences.

The increasingly connected world and the obsolescence of boundaries between disciplines mean that the future needs people who are versatile enough to collaborate across disciplines, anticipate changes, and design effective strategies to address those changes. These are the people we are educating as ‘The University for Digital Transformation’.

With around 80 professors and more than 2,300 students coming from over 80 different countries, it is one of the largest German universities for professionally-oriented courses in media management, communications design and business administration. Our students learn methods and skills that prepare them for the challenges of the rapidly changing world of industry 4.0 that is characterized by automation, big data, machine learning and other advanced technologies and trends. With interdisciplinary approach and curriculum, we empower graduates to be versatile in diverse areas, especially through the combination of creative approaches, technical skills and strong management skills. As the university for digital transformation, we instill in them a positive attitude towards change and the competence vital to shaping these changes, thus securing the critical advantage on the labour market. This motto is also conveyed through our slogan “you change”.


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Robot journalists don’t really need mechanical hands to type. maxuser/

How algorithms and human journalists will need to work together

Since 2014, computers have been writing news reports on selected topics. Recent efforts to test their abilities find both real potential and significant limitations.

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