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Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University is a comprehensive, doctoral-degree-granting university offering to a diverse and capable student body a wide range of opportunities and challenges for learning and growth; to the world of knowledge, vigorous and expanding contributions in research, discovery, and application; and to the State and its people in every region, a variety of expert services.


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Literature reviews and identifying themes in large datasets become easier with these AI tools. kali9/E+ via Getty Images

New database features 250 AI tools that can enhance social science research

A new database of AI tools could help social scientists revolutionize the way they do their research, from scanning large datasets to aiding in literature reviews.
Leadership decisions can be especially challenging for family companies. Warner Bros. Discovery

Should family members be in charge of family businesses? We analyzed 175 studies to understand when having a family CEO pays off

Family businesses face unique considerations when making leadership decisions.
Pedir a una persona con problemas de memoria que cuente anécdotas de vacaciones pasadas puede ayudar a desencadenar un recuerdo feliz. Lucky Business/

Preguntar a las personas con pérdida de memoria sobre las vacaciones pasadas puede ayudarles a recordar momentos felices

Los estudios sugieren que pedir a los seres queridos con problemas de memoria que hablen de los recuerdos de las fiestas puede ayudarles a recuperar algunos recuerdos.
Some animals, including goats, regularly give birth to two babies at once. Image Source via Getty Images

Can animals give birth to twins?

Animals often give birth to litters of more than one offspring at a time. But are those babies twins?


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