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Monash Health

We are the largest public health service in Victoria.

We provide health care across the entire lifespan – from pre-birth, newborn babies and children, to the aged, their families and carers.

Services are provided through more than 40 locations across south-east Melbourne, Victoria, including:

  • high acuity teaching and research hospitals and community hospitals

  • mental health through hospital, community and outreach services

  • chronic disease management

  • primary care through community health centres

  • prevention and early intervention.


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Rates of diabetes amputations have risen 30% over the past decade. justinicus

How Australia can reduce diabetes-related amputations

Diabetes is arguably the nation’s greatest public health challenge, affecting over one million Australians. People with diabetes have high sugar levels in the blood which can damage nerves and blood vessels…
Patients want their doctor to tell them the truth. Michal Porebiak.

Caring or curing: the importance of being honest

TALKING ABOUT DEATH AND DYING – Why is it we don’t talk about the greatest inevitability in our lives? We explore the consequences of this silence in this series, today considering the issue from an oncologist’s…


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