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Norwegian University of Life Sciences

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences is a public university located in Ås, Norway. It is located at Ås in Akershus, near Oslo, and at Adamstuen in Oslo and has around 5000 students.

Established in 1859 as the Norwegian Agricultural Postgraduate College, it became a scientific university college (vitenskapelig høgskole) in 1897 and received university status in 2005. Prior to 2005 it was known as Norges landbrukshøgskole (NLH), also in English as Agricultural University of Norway. Only a few years later, in 2014 the university merged with the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NVH) in Oslo, and is today known as the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Having a history since 1859, it is the second oldest institution of higher education in Norway, after the University of Oslo. It is also the only educational institution in Norway to provide veterinary education.


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