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The Nordic Africa Institute

The Nordic Africa Institute is a center for research, documentation and information on contemporary Africa in the Nordic region.

The Nordic Africa Institute (NAI) houses a combination of high-quality research, skilled communication and an extensive library collection on contemporary Africa, all under one roof. At NAI, cutting-edge research intersects policy dialogue and a full-service library, resulting in a unique setting for Africa studies in the Nordics.

As a Swedish public authority, and the beneficiary of several Nordic governments as well as of the international community, NAI offers an unmatched position in its field in terms of contributing to the Africa policy agenda of the Nordic countries engaged in the Institute.


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A sign at a candlelit vigil tells the story of a country sliding further into authoritarianism. DAI KUROKAWA/EPA

Democracy in peril: Burundi’s referendum will cement Nkurunziza’s grip on power

If the referendum goes President Pierre Nkrunziza’s way, it will also be a further blow to ordinary Burundians, who live in a state of hardship and adversity.


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