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Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College builds on its 400-year-old tradition of scholarship to confirm its position as one of the great universities of the world, providing a liberal environment where independence of thought is highly valued and where staff and students are nurtured as individuals and are encouraged to achieve their full potential.

The College is committed to excellence in both research and teaching, to the enhancement of the learning experience of each of its students and to an inclusive College community with equality of access for all. The College will continue to disseminate its knowledge and expertise to the benefit of the City of Dublin, the country and the international community.


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You know that feeling when you’re on your plane and every time you open your mouth, dozens of people write down everything you say? Oh, you don’t? Alamy/Henry Nicholls

Why politicians may find it hard to understand ordinary voters

People with higher power and status are less good at reading others – and there’s an unexpected explanation.
Qui est à l'origine du 49-3, ce fameux article de la Constitution qui met fin aux débats parlementaires ? Assemblée Nationale

Qui est l’homme derrière l’article 49-3 ?

Robert Lecourt a été largement oublié, mais ses contributions aux institutions françaises et européennes ont encore un immense impact aujourd’hui.
The shortlisted books for 2024’s Women’s Prize for Fiction. Women's Prize for Fiction

Women’s prize for fiction 2024: six expert reviews of the shortlisted books

From stories of Irish mothers to Shakespearean actors in the West Bank, this year’s shortlist is as varied as ever.
Adding water to the mash vat as part of the brewing process: from left to right, Adrian Warrell (historic brewer), Charlie Taverner (postdoctoral researcher) and Marc Meltonville (head brewer) and Jamie Comer from Storylab at Anglia Ruskin University. Susan Flavin

Five things our research uncovered when we recreated 16th century beer (and barrels)

At Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin masons received up to 15 pints a day as payment.


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