Universidad de San Andrés (Argentina)

The Universidad de San Andrés is an Argentine university located in the town of Victoria, Buenos Aires on the shores of the Rio de la Plata, in the metropolitan area of Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is a small private institution, with approximately 900 undergraduate students and 500 graduate students. It is served by one of the largest private libraries in the country, Max von Buch. Maintaining over 70,000 volumes, the library was recognized by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation though their Program for Latin American Libraries and Archives. The university provides more than 70 study abroad programs with universities in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Australia.[3]San Andrés is the first institution in Argentina to offer a double degree accredited by Grandes Ecoles ESCP-Europe.


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La esposa del presidente venezolano Nicolás Maduro reacciona a una explosión el 4 de agosto, supuestamente el resultado de un ataque por drones al presidente. Venezolana de Television via AP

5 razones por las cuales la pesadilla de Venezuela podría empeorar, con o sin los drones asesinos

¿Por cuánto tiempo puede sobrevivir un régimen deshonesto y empobrecido que enfrenta drones asesinos, gran condena global y crisis humanitaria? En Venezuela, Maduro puede quedarse un buen rato.
The wife of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro reacts to an explosion during a public event, which the regime says was a drone attempting to assassinate the president (Aug. 4, 2018). Venezolana de Television via AP

Drone attack or no, Venezuela’s Maduro regime is probably here to stay

How long can a rogue regime survive assassination attempts, sanctions, bankruptcy, humanitarian crisis and mass unrest? When it comes to Venezuela, President Maduro may cling to power for some time.

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