Università per Stranieri di Siena

The University for Foreigners of Siena is a public university specialized in the teaching of Italian as well as many other languages. It also specializes in scientific research on the diffusion of the Italian language and culture in the world and in contact between Italian and other languages and cultures.

All of the undergraduate degree courses, master’s degrees, master programmes, postgraduate schools and certifications of teaching competences are open to Italian and foreign students. They include courses in teaching and promoting Italian language and culture, linguistic and cultural mediation and translation in the tourism business. The Italian language and culture courses are intended for foreigners, who may also sit the Certificate of Italian as a Foreign Language (CILS) exams.


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One of the questions most discussed on Italian social media is whether the same thing would have happened to a male writer who had made the same choice for privacy. dawolf-/Flickr

‘Uncovering’ Elena Ferrante, and the importance of a woman’s voice

In her novels, in numerous articles and in correspondence, Elena Ferrante has chosen to depict the world from a female point of view. She has always claimed that the woman’s gaze is decisive.

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