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University of Neuchâtel

Since its creation, the University of Neuchâtel has always had the desire to offer training of the highest level. Its small size gives it the dynamism and flexibility necessary to achieve this goal.

Founded in 1838, the Academy of Neuchâtel owes its birth to the impetus of the eminent geologist and paleontologist Louis Agassiz and a strong political will to provide the region with a quality training tool.

In 1866, the institution already has the faculties of literature, science and law and the gymnasium sections. In 1873 is added that of theology. On May 18, 1909, by decree of the Neuchâtel Grand Council, the Neuchâtel Academy is officially dedicated to the University of Neuchâtel. From 1910, she was enriched with a section of commercial sciences, as well as opportunities to award doctorates in all faculties.


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