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University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Teaching has taken place at Oxford since 1096. Oxford has the largest volume of world-leading research in the country, rating top in the REF power rankings published by Research Fortnight. Oxford’s research involves more than 70 departments, almost 1,800 academic staff, more than 5,000 research and research support staff, and more than 5,600 graduate research students. The University has 38 independent colleges to which undergraduate and graduate students belong. Oxford has the highest research income from external sponsors of any UK university: £478.3m in 2013/14. The University has pioneered the successful commercial exploitation of academic research and invention, creating more than 100 companies, and files more patents each year than any other UK university.


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Fossils of Shuvuuia deserti depict a small predatory creature with exceptional night vision and hearing. Mick Ellison/American Natural History Museum

Nocturnal dinosaurs: Night vision and superb hearing in a small theropod suggest it was a moonlight predator

By looking at the eye bones and ear canals of extinct dinosaurs, researchers show that a small ancient predator likely hunted at night and had senses as good as a modern barn owl.
Vaksin COVID-19 Astrazeneca sebelum diberikan ke pendiduk di Kota Jombang, Jombang, Jawa Timur, 22 Maret 2021. ANTARA FOTO/Syaiful Arif/hp

Fatwa haram tapi boleh: seperti ini proses produksi vaksin AstraZeneca sebenarnya

Ada cara untuk memastikan bahwa vaksin ini tidak mengandung tripsin _porcine_. Salah satunya dengan mendeteksi keberadaan residu DNA dari hewan yang ditargetkan dengan metode qPCR.


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