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University of Southampton

The University of Southampton is a public research university located in Southampton, United Kingdom and is a founding member of the Russell Group. It is a member of the European University Association, the Association of Commonwealth Universities and is an accredited institution of the Worldwide Universities Network. Southampton is systematically ranked in the top 15 of British universities and in the best 100 universities in the world. Besides being recognised as one of the leading research universities in the UK, Southampton has also achieved consistently high scores for its teaching and learning activities. It additionally has one of the highest proportions of income derived from research activities in Britain.


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An Instacart worker loads groceries into her car for home delivery. There is a strong argument to be made that gig work is false self-employment, meaning that workers are not actually freelance. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Gig workers aren’t self-employed – they’re modern-day feudal serfs

Feudalism has been replaced by capitalism, and the new villeiny — or neo-villeiny — has emerged to reflect a relationship between a worker and an organization.
A spring in his step? Uwe Deffner/Alamy Stock Photo

Spring statement 2022: quick analysis about standard of living, energy crisis and more – from experts

The government knows 2022 is going to be tough for voters.
Les attaques obligent la population ukrainienne a se confiner sans pouvoir prendre toutes les précautions nécessaires (rue Koshytsa, dans la banlieue de Kiev, le 25 février 2022). Daniel Leal / AFP

Guerre en Ukraine : explosion à venir de l’épidémie de Covid ?

La situation sanitaire en Ukraine devient dramatique. Le conflit vient en effet mettre en péril le contrôle déjà précaire de l’épidémie de Covid au sein d’une population vulnérable car peu vaccinée.
Los residentes de Donetsk han sido evacuados en los últimos días. Arkady Budnitsky / EPA-EFE

Así transcurre la vida en las regiones separatistas ucranianas de Donetsk y Lugansk

Vladimir Putin ha enviado tropas a las regiones del este de Ucrania conocidas como el Donbás. Así es la vida de los habitantes de los territorios separatistas.
Residents of Donetsk have been evacuated in recent days. Arkady Budnitsky / EPA-EFE

‘The hope is finished’: life in the Ukrainian separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk

Vladimir Putin has sent troops into the eastern Ukraine regions known as the Donbas. Here’s what life has been like for people living in the separatist territories.


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