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University of Southern Maine

From Classroom Learning To Community Engagement

At the University of Southern Maine, we extend the academic experience well beyond our classroom walls. We encourage our students to engage deeply with our faculty, our community partners, and our wide network of USM alumni, many of whom have remained in Maine long after graduation.

USM faculty and alumni are helping to strengthen the fabric of Maine by contributing to its social and economic vitality, supporting our higher education goals, and opening doors for the next generation.

Providing opportunities to participate, discover, learn, create, and make a difference is central to who we are as Maine’s Metropolitan University™. With three campuses located within the state’s most populous regions, USM offers students a chance to get involved at a level that’s hard to match at other public universities in Maine.


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What will change with the new SAT? Student image via

Here’s what will change with the new SAT

SAT prep is a multi-billion dollar industry today. Will the redesigned SAT restore its original goal of providing greater access to higher education for a diverse population?
There have been some serious fallouts from standardized testing. Judy Baxter

Test data misuse reaches absurd levels

Art teachers have been evaluated on English test scores. There seems to be no limit to how test data are being used to punish students, teachers and schools.


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