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The ~35,000 year old Pestera cu Oase cranium is probably a hybrid between modern humans and Neanderthals. Wikimedia Commons

All mixed up: interspecies love-ins and the offbeat history of our species

Revolutionary developments in the study of the DNA of our fossil ancestors are forcing a major rewrite of the human evolutionary story. They hold major implications for fundamental questions that cut across…
After witnessing the rise and fall of many empires, the ancient site of Palmyra is under threat from Islamic State. Phillip George

Islamic State may finally efface the traces of lost empires at Palmyra

Conflict involving Islamic State has raised the prospect of the destruction of Palmyra, a World Heritage site in Syria. It's not the first time the region has been invaded, but it may well be the last.
Uber drivers have been classified as taxi drivers and will have to register for GST. Uber says they will challenge the decision. MAHATHIR MOHD YASIN / Shutterstock.com

GST and ride-sharing: why the ATO believes Uber must pay

A recent decision by the tax office that ride sharing services must pay GST has infuriated Uber. But are they being singled out?
Hamid Mohsin is a guest of the Sydney Writers' Festival. Photo © Jillian Edelstein. Penguin Books.

Against binaries: a conversation with Mohsin Hamid

"I have a bit of resistance to the way the world is and making up my own world is a response to that," says Pakistani novelist Mohsin Hamid, a guest at this year's Sydney Writers' Festival.
Journalists should spend less time tuning into the news and more time following their instincts. Random House

Nick Davies, a journalist who investigated his own

When journalists justify what they do, they invariably say: “We hold governments to account. We act in the public interest.” It justifies the most noble investigative journalism. It is a sacred catechism…
With new sources of venture capital funding Australia can boost innovation and its economy. Image sourced from Shutterstock.com

Significant Investor Visa misses the mark on VC and innovation

Australia can attract much needed venture capital funding through its Significant Investor Visa system, but only if a proposed new system is designed well.
The Fukushima disaster was a dark chapter for nuclear power - but high-profile accidents are far from the only downside. EPA/KIMIMASA MAYAMA/AAP

Accidents, waste and weapons: nuclear power isn’t worth the risks

Is nuclear power worth it? No, says Mark Diesendorf – it's never been a major world energy force, it has caused huge accidents, and its greenhouse emissions are higher than many people realise.
Public sector workers using both employer and government-sponsored paid parental leave have been accused of “double dipping”. Image sourced from www.shutterstock.com

‘Double dipping’ public servants will lose out twice

The government's new paid parental leave could also have the effect of limiting conditions for public sector workers.
Facilities funded under NCRIS, such as the Murchison Widefield Array, will continue to be supported under this budget. Natasha Hurley-Walker/Wikimedia

Budget brief: how does science and research funding fare?

The National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy and Future Fellowships schemes have won a reprieve in this year's budget.
As expected, part-pensioners will be most affected by budget changes. AAP Image/Melanie Foster

Budget brief: will I lose my age pension?

Part-pensioner couples who own their own home and assets worth more than about A$800,000 are expected to lose their part-pension altogether, under proposals in the federal budget.

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