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Yayasan Inobu

Registered as an Indonesian non-profit research institute in 2015, Institut Penelitian Inovasi Bumi (INOBU) grew out of Earth Innovation Institute’s (EII) Indonesia program and continues to work closely with EII and other partners. EII began it’s work in Indonesia in 2012, initially under the name IPAM International Program. Activities carried out in Indonesia have been funded through the support of the Forests, Farms & Finance Initiative, financed by Norad.

The need for rigorous research to support sustainable management in Indonesia is exemplified by the government of Central Kalimantan, where working with the provincial governor and several district heads, INOBU facilitated the creation of the provincial Roadmap to Low Deforestation Development. INOBU designed a plantation monitoring system and initiated the process for certifying several districts. In West Papua, we supported the provincial government to recognize the land rights of indigenous communities and promote low emission rural development.

Since then, INOBU has emerged as a leading Indonesian provider of innovative applied research and technology for sustainable land and seascapes. Our applied research products include jurisdictional certification programs and smallholder support programs. We tackle a broad range of Indonesia’s environmental issues: deforestation (caused by development, commodities and social factors), forest fires, climate change/greenhouse gas emissions, and waste, among others. Our projects are carefully tailored to address these issues through comprehensive, holistic sustainable agriculture, fishing, marine livelihoods and waste management.

A major focus of our methodology is partnerships with government, the private sector, civil society and communities. To this end, our solutions and programs are designed and implemented in close collaboration with a broad range of actors through jurisdictional sustainability Working Groups and other platforms, such as the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Since 2015, INOBU has served as Country Coordinator for the Governors’ Climate & Forests Task Force (GCF) managing a regional cluster of seven GCF Member provinces: Aceh, Central Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, North Kalimantan, West Kalimantan, Papua and West Papua.