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Yunnan University of Finance and Economics

Founded in 1951, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics (YUFE) was designated as one of the key public institutions of higher learning by Yunnan Provincial Government in 1995. Located in the north of “the eternal spring city” of Kunming, YUFE covers an area of 1822 mu (about 1,214,666 square meters). After over sixty-year’s development, YUFE has not only established a multi-level education system which includes undergraduate, master and doctoral education, but also provides international student education and continuing education. YUFE has become a comprehensive university which excels in economics and management but also offers high-quality programs in philosophy, laws, liberal arts, natural science and engineering. Currently, there are 31,576 full-time students. The teaching staff of YUFE consists of 2,043 faculty members including 1,397 full-time lecturers.

With 19 schools, one department and 14 research institutions, YUFE offers 63 Bachelor’s programs in the field of economics, management, law, engineering and arts. Besides, YUFE is entitled to grant master degrees in 12 first-class disciplines and professional master degrees in 15 programs. From 2013, YUFE was officially approved to confer doctorate degrees in the following 4 first-class disciplines consecutively, namely applied economics, statistics, business administration and theoretical economics.

YUFE always regards the education internationalization as its important development strategy and has established cooperative partnership with more than 160 universities in over 30 countries. YUFE has carried out six Sino-foreign cooperative-run programs accounting for nearly 1/3 of the total in Yunnan province. YFUE has also established one overseas educational institute in Thailand, known as the third overseas educational institute established by Chinese universities in foreign country. Designated as the Training Base for International Business Officials by MOFCOM, YUFE has cultivated over 2,700 foreign government officials from over 89 countries both via short programs or master degree programs. YUFE always welcomes international students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions to study in its beautiful campus for language training or degrees. It also encourages its teachers and students to study abroad through various channels.

By adhering to the university motto of “Study Eagerly and Practice Earnestly, Be Virtuous and Visionary”, YUFE is committed to cultivating talents with profound professional knowledge and global vision, and forging itself into a high-ranking university of finance and economics with distinctive characteristics.


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