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LIVE STREAM: Smart Science symposium with Chief Scientist

You can join in the discussion from 11.30am AEST. Alessandro Valli/Flickr, CC BY

Please note: the live stream has now finished. A video of the the live stream is below.

Australia in 2025 will be strong, prosperous, healthy and secure and positioned to benefit all Australians in a rapidly changing world.

We are told that Australia will need a diverse economy built on sustainable productivity growth, knowledge-based industries and high value goods and services.

How will science address the challenges of the future?

You’re invited to take part in the discussion. This symposium held at Parliament House is the culmination of a 12-part series co-commissioned with the Office of the Chief Scientist, examining the contribution of each of the major disciplines to address the challenges of Australia in 2025.

The live stream will begin at 11.30am AEST – please refresh your browsers or press “play”.

Submit your questions in the comments stream below, on Twitter using #SmartScience or via our Facebook page.

The series – authored by recognised experts in their field – can be read here.

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