Mount Gambier volcano eruption calculated

The magnitude of the Mount Gambier volcano eruption, 5000 years ago, has been calculated for the first time.

Monash University scientists used 3D geometrical computer modelling and thermodynamics to determine the size and magnitude of the Mount Gambier eruption.

This is the first time the magnitude and size of a volcano on the Australian mainland has been calculated.

Results of the Mount Gambier eruption show that magma rose to the surface from a depth of 80km and a large part of that magma interacted with shallow groundwater, causing a violent eruption. With an ash plume of at least 5-10km high, the eruption can be classified as a size four eruption on the Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI).

Research determined that if a similar eruption were to occur in the future, it could result in widespread damage.

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