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One one thousand, two one thousand…. Eric Ward/Unsplash

How far away was that lightning?

When you see a bolt of lightning, do you immediately start counting to see how far off a storm is? An atmospheric scientist parses the practice.
Nowcasting is a system using satellite images to obtain real-time information before bad weather arrives. REUTERS/Mike Hutchings

How satellites are helping Africa improve weather forecasts

Being able to predict the weather can save lives. Using new technology forecasters are able to provide realtime warning of bad weather ahead.
You’d probably get a bit of a fright if ball lightning started moving through your house. Wikimedia Commons

Ball lightning exists … but what on Earth is it?

Ball lightning is one of the strangest phenomena on our planet. It’s usually seen during thunderstorms as a ball of light about the size of a grapefruit, with the intensity of roughly a 40W light bulb…

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