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Professor in Structural Geology and Tectonics, University of Leeds

My main scientific interest is the understanding of micro- and mesoscale processes and their link to macro-scale phenomena. To achieve this, it is essential to quantify microstructures and thus micro-structural processes active during a variety of P-T-fluid conditions. In addition, the development of new techniques to observe, interpret and evaluate processes in the Earth and under planets is part of my research.

Fields of research interest include: (i) structural geology and large scale tectonics, (ii) microstructural and-chemical analysis of planetary and extraterrestrial materials, (iii) microdynamic modelling (mainly using the microdynamic modelling platform Elle (, (iv) fluid flow through the crust – melts, water-rich fluids, (v) experimental deformation and heating of rocks and analogue materials i.e. metals, ice, (vi) field mapping, (vii) rheology and deformation mechamisms in rocks and ice.

In recent years, I added applying my knowledge to socially relevant research into my “research mix” – projects in this realm include: the use of the subsurface for NetZero solutions, the durability of radioactive waste – experiments and prediction, reactivity of fluids in crystalline rock – developing realistic flow and radioactive nuclei retention models for radioactive waste repository modelling,


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    Professor in Structural Geology and Tectonics, University of Leeds