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One small thing you can do for the environment: be inspired

The environment: get out into it. jcolman/Flickr

Welcome to “One small thing …”. We asked our authors what one small thing they, or you, could do for the environment. We’ll bring their answers to you on Friday afternoons.

Today’s one small thing comes from Jessica Drake, a PhD scholar at the ANU.

What is the one small thing you can do for the environment? So many possibilities flashed through my head.

As a soil scientist, I would focus on research to enhance natural water and nutrient cycling so we can grow more organic food.

As a mining researcher, I would focus on ways to turn a former gold mine into a forest.

As an environmental blogger, I would focus on ways to use social media to communicate environmental science.

There are so many important environmental issues, that it is really hard to choose just one thing to focus on.

How do I choose?

I took a step back, and thought about my childhood. Walking in Dorrigo National Park, racing my sister over the board walk, identifying birds from their calls. And giggling as we walked underneath the Crystal Shower Falls.

Science stayed my favourite subject because of that fun: in the bush, on friends’ farms, in my own backyard.

I remember spending hours a week in the school agriculture block - learning about soil, growing food and organic agriculture.

In later high school years, amazing and inspiring teachers taught me geology, genetics, biology and environmental science.

Experiences from my childhood inspired me to understand and care for the environment. So, I realised what I would do: inspire people to learn, study, understand and care for the environment.

I want to enable people to work towards a positive environmental, social and economically sustainable future for us all.

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