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Our articles are free to republish to ensure quality information is available for all

One thing you might not know about The Conversation is we publish our work under a “Creative Commons” license so anyone can republish our articles for free.

Why? Because we want quality, fact-based information to reach as many people as possible. We want our authors to have the largest possible audience to share their knowledge. And we want Australian media to publish trusted content with high ethical standards. Giving our articles to other publishers is one way we can contribute to a robust media, and that’s especially important given the current devastating landscape of cuts and closures.

You’ve probably read a Conversation article elsewhere – on the ABC, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Guardian, CNN, The New Zealand Herald or Australian Geographic – not realising it was one of ours (at the bottom it will often say: “this article was originally published on The Conversation”).

Our republication network delivers us a massive readership of 26 million article views each month, and that’s on top of the 11.5 million readers who access our content directly.

We believe the free-flow of information is more important than clicks. Quality information shouldn’t be behind paywalls, locked away in ivory towers, or guarded by vested interests. It should be available to all.

I’m telling you this because we’re getting near the end of our annual donation campaign and more than 17,000 people have made a contribution to support what we do. To those people, thank you. When you donate to The Conversation, you’re investing in the production of quality information for millions around the world. (And if you’d still like to donate it’s not too late.)

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