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Pasha 9: Teen pregnancies in Kenya

Kenyan teenagers who fall pregnant face social stigma and isolation. This, in turn, leads to a vicious cycle of mental stress, depression and suicidal thoughts.

In this week’s edition of Pasha, Estelle Monique Sidze, a research scientist, discusses the problem of teen pregnancies and how to deal with the challenges young women face, including the often ignored issue of mental health, particularly in urban slums where poverty is also a factor.

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Photo: Students line up at school Miritini Primary School, Mombasa County, Kenya Credit: GPE/Kelley Lynch. Flickr

Music “Happy African Village” by John Bartmann found on licensed under CC0 1.

Sounds Interviews conducted with girls by Carol Wangui and Estelle Monique Sidze not for reuse.

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