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Matthew DeGennaro

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Florida International University

Chemosensation underlies many insect behaviors including host detection and oviposition site selection. I developed genome editing tools in Aedes aegypti for the comprehensive genetic analysis of mosquito behavior. Using this approach, I have provided key insights into DEET repellency, oviposition behavior, hygrosensation, hormonal physiology, reproduction, and how mosquitoes find their human and plant hosts. My work has highlighted the role of acid volatiles associated with human odor in mosquito host detection. Microbiome-based vector control is my current focus. Understanding the composition and odor profiles of the microbial communities associated with human skin and mosquito oviposition sites offers the promise to disrupt vector behavior to reduce disease risk.


  • –present
    Associate Professor, Florida International University


  • 2008 
    New York University School of Medicine, PhD Developmental Genetics