Wesam Al-Jeddawi

Ph.D. Student in Food Technology, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Graduate Research Assistant and Product Testing Laboratory Analyst, Clemson University

Wesam Al-Jeddawi, Ph.D. Student in Food Technology at Clemson University from 2016 to the present. As well as, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Graduate Research Assistant and Product Testing Laboratory Analyst at Clemson University. He received his Master's Degree in Food, Nutrition and Culinary Sciences from Clemson University in May 2014 with GPA of 3.73 / 4.00 (Latin Honor: Cum Laude). He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science and Biotechnology from University of Baghdad in July 2007 with GPA of 85.60% / 100% (Rank: 2 out of 116 students). He currently works as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for FDSC 4031/6031 (Food Analysis and Chemistry Lab – every Spring semester); FDSC 4070/6070 (Quantity Food Production Lab – every Fall Semester) and S1701 – FDSC – 4500 (Creative Inquiry –every semester) at Clemson University. In addition, He has a fellowship funded by the Electrolux Appliance Company to work on refrigeration and freezer food quality control research (Shelf life). He also works as a Product Testing Laboratory Analyst for Food2Market program at Clemson University. He published a research paper of "effect of addition of low and high molecular weight water soluble chitosan on whole milk powder oxidation" in the Journal of Dairy Science and Technology. He also published another paper of "transfer of Escherichia Coli to lemons slices and ice during handling" in Journal of Food Research - Canadian Center of Science and Education. He is a member of "HonorSociety.org / Washington DC, USA"; "FNPS Grad Association / Clemson University, SC, USA"; "HighScope Organization / Ypsilanti, MI, USA" and "IAOP Organization / Florida, USA". He also participated with many presentations and posters in conferences and symposiums. He received 50 different training certificates from the USA Universities and organizations to develop his career. In 2008, Wesam was appointed as a demonstrator in the department of food science at University of Baghdad due to his academic excellence by obtaining the second rank and surpassing 116 graduates. He taught Food Microbiology, Basics of food and dairy industries, Meat Processing from 2008 to 2011 as well as, he was a member of supervisory committee for the practical application of senior undergraduate students in food industries. In 2009, the department of Agriculture at U.S. embassy sent him to Texas A&M University to attend a training about "Agricultural Extension and Planning Strategy". He came back Iraq and presented many seminars to the employees, students, and farmers. He participated in an important conference for developing the agricultural extension in Erbil / Iraq with lots of employees, directors and faculty members who works in the U.S. universities such as Texas A&M University, Washington State University, Utah State University, New Mexico State University, and California State University. He received a written acknowledgement from the Minister of Higher Education, as well as, the presidency of University of Baghdad. In 2011, Wesam left Iraq because he was awarded a scholarship from HCED to study M.S. degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition. In 2012, He was graduate of Masters level 112 of the Intensive English Program from ELS at Greenville, South Carolina, USA. In 2014, He graduated from Clemson University with a Master of Science in Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences. Then, he came back Iraq and he started teaching food chemistry lab, quality control lab and graduation project in the department of food science and biotechnology. He also worked as an assistant director of the graduate studies as well as a member of the examination committee for postgraduate studies (Master's and PhD). He was a member of the association of quality assurance and evaluation of university performance so he developed the courses codes for graduate and undergraduate courses based on the USA education system. He was also a member of the internet in the internet unit for publishing the news of the university / college of Agriculture.


  • 2016–present
    Graduate Teaching Assistant , Clemson University
  • 2016–present
    Graduate Resaerch Assistant , Clemson University
  • 2016–present
    ​Product Testing Laboratory Analyst , Clemson University
  • 2015–2016
    Assistant Director of Graduate Studies, University of Baghdad
  • 2014–2016
    Lecturer Assistant , University of Baghdad
  • 2008–2013
    Demonstrator, University of Baghdad


    Clemson Unicersity , Ph.D. Degree
  • 2014 
    Clemson University , M.S. Degree
  • 2007 
    University of Baghdad, B.S. Degree


  • 2018
    Effect of freezing on the shelf life of salmon, International Journal of Food Science
  • 2017
    Transfer of Escherichia Coli to Lemons Slices and Ice during Handling, Journal of Food Research
  • 2014
    Effect of Addition of Low and High Molecular Weight Water Soluble Chitosan on Whole Milk Powder Oxidation, Journal of Dairy Science and Technology

Grants and Contracts

  • 2016
    Fully funded fellowship
    Ph.D. degree
    Funding Source:
    The Electrolux Appliance Company and Clemson University
  • 2011
    Fully funded scholarship
    Master’s degree in the USA.
    Funding Source:

Professional Memberships

  • Honor Society. (HonorSociety.org) / Washington DC, USA, from 2014 to the present.
  • Association of Food & Drug Officials, York, Pennsylvania, USA, from 2017 to the present.
  • FNPS Grad Association / Clemson University, SC, USA, from 2012 to the present.
  • IAOP / Florida, USA, from 2017 to the present.
  • HighScope Organization / Ypsilanti, MI, USA, from 2017 to the present.