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To our 20,000 donors, thank you – your support has secured our future for another year

Last month we started our annual appeal for reader donations. It was an uncertain time. Coronavirus had hit and we, like many in the media, were anxious about our future. We asked you to make a donation of any size. We had hoped 10,000 people might support us. We weren’t sure what might happen if you didn’t.

Over the course of the campaign, nearly 20,000 of you made donations. In phone calls, emails, and the lovely handwritten letters that often come with cheques, you told us that you support us because you want to make clean information and real expertise available to everyone.

For the journalists working at kitchen tables, in bedrooms, and the make-shift desks that have become our newsroom, your support has been inspiring. Almost 20,000 donors is nearly double the support from 12 months ago. Your donations make up almost a third of our annual budget and you have secured our future for another year.

Now it’s on us to deliver on the type of journalism you have come to expect from The Conversation – timely, rigorous, transparent and powered by deep academic expertise. We know that you will hold us to this standard and we intend to do everything in our power to meet it.

Thank you.

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