The Conversation

Our Audience

The Conversation’s UK edition's audience generates 6.4 million on-site page views per month, with a total audience of 10 million, including through pieces republished under Creative Commons.

The Conversation’s global network generates 25 million monthly page views to, with a total monthly audience of 44.8 million reads including through republication.

Our readers are drawn from a broad cross-section of the general public. Managers, senior executives, chief officers and other decision makers are a substantial part of our readers, alongside teachers and educators, health practitioners, and those working in media, policymakers, or in government. Our audience is roughly equally made up of men and women, and tilts young, with around 50%

Why readers choose The Conversation

We aim to share knowledge widely, working with academics and researchers to bring expertise and evidence back into public debate. Articles published by The Conversation are influential in changing behaviour and attitudes. They are frequently used as a source for evidence-based information in classrooms, the workplace and among policymakers and legislators. Our readers come to us for information, discussion and evidence they can trust, because they value experts and expertise.

Author impact and engagement

More than 22,000 authors have published 37,000 articles through The Conversation’s UK edition. The global network has published in total 163,000 articles by 82,000 academic authors.

Many of our pieces have a life after publication, with authors subsequently contacted by the media (63%), invited to speak at conferences (19%), contacted by NGOs or charities (18%), asked to collaborate on research (14%), contacted by government and policymakers (14%), or by business or industry (13%).

A worldwide audience

Our team is based in the UK but we publish content of interest to and read by readers around the world, chiefly across the Anglosphere, with major audiences in India, Singapore, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Philippines, Japan, Spain, Denmark, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and many others.

Source: Google Analytics, The Conversation subscriber survey 2023