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Budget 2015: experts respond

George Osborne has delivered his fifth and final budget before the general election. Our academic experts respond.

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Beyond GDP

Alternatives to GDP are already in use, but are yet to gain widespread acceptance. Image sourced from

Better ways to measure well-being

If a corporation used a form of GDP to report its results, it would be laughed out of town.



Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis faces the press after reaching a deal with the eurogroup. EPA/Olivier Hoslet

Greece will stay in the euro – for now

Greece's loan extension agreement will keep it in the eurozone for the time being, but there's no guarantees it can become a responsible member.


Global economy

A trade spat between India and the US was the most serious threat to the WTO in years. Reuters

Why the WTO still matters

A new era of globalization is under threat from a breakdown in current trade negotiations.



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