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Japanese people are losing faith in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s fiscal policies. FRANCK ROBICHON/AAP

Business Briefing: Abenomics fails to address Japan’s true woes

Business Briefing: Abenomics fails to address Japan’s true woes
The Japanese government needs to improve job security and address income inequality as "Abenomics" fails to deliver.
So strong is public opposition to his miltarist policies that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, having ignored the popular will, faces questions about democratic representation. AAP Image/Newzulu/Munesuke Yamamoto

Kicking pacifism: Japan’s pivot to militarism defies popular will

Shinzo Abe’s government (now in its second term) has consistently been vocal about Japan’s national defence.
Shinzo Abe, looking for a majority about yay big. EPA/Franck Robichon

Abe can win Japan’s snap election but he needs to win big

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s decision to call a snap election for December 14 comes after what has been a rather bad week for him. Japan has slipped back into recession for the first time since…
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is presenting a snap election as a referendum on his once-lauded policy of ‘Abenomics’. EPA/Franck Robichon

Abe takes a high-stakes gamble in calling an early election in Japan

It may seem politically counter-intuitive for a prime minister to seek an early election just when the economy has gone into recession. But following his return to Japan from the G20 Leaders’ Summit in…
This is Abe’s best chance at re-election. Toru Hanai /Reuters

Japan’s snap election is about more than just Abenomics

The decision by Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, to call a snap election barely two years into a four-year term demonstrates a degree of political flexibility other world leaders can only envy. Abe…
Is the Bank of Japan holding the country back? EPA

Japan’s central bank is out of control and must be tamed

In the second quarter of this year Japan recorded its largest GDP contraction since the earthquake and tsunami hit in 2011. This time, the single most important reason for the downturn is technical: demand…
Shinzo Abe’s decision to increase Japan’s consumption tax from 5% to 8% next year is part of a plan to reassure investors the country’s debt is under control. EPA/Franck Robichon

Japan’s Abe unveils much needed tax rises, stimulus measures

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced Tuesday a significant increase in the country’s consumption tax and unveiled a ¥5 trillion ($54.5 billion) stimulus package to mitigate the higher levy’s negative…
The finer points of Abenomics are not lost on this guy. ippei-janine

Japan’s PM has frog in throat as ecological crisis looms

Japanese PM Shinzō Abe has a problem, and he might end up killing an awful lot of frogs to solve it. Shares are up in Japan, but everything else has flatlined: kick-starting the stubbornly moribund economy…
Japanese women: needed in the workforce. Byron Villegas

Despite ‘Abenomic’ growth, Japan still needs reform

Amid the doom and gloom of recent world economic reports, Japan has provided a rare source of good news. In the first quarter of the year, its economy grew by 0.9%, indicating an annual growth rate of…

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