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Jack Bauer is now Tom Kirkman, designated survivor. Shutterstock

Can Kiefer Sutherland be US president, please?

Trump is a Hollywood comedy blundering around in the ‘real world’ of American politics. Hollywood drama can show us what is needed instead.
Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

Trump: the pseudo-president in waiting

Donald Trump, the bastard! Not only has he offended Muslims, Mexicans, women, the pope, his president, peaceful protesters at his increasingly fascist-style rallies, the residents of Brussels and reasonable…
In the authors’ study, 35 percent of respondents said they’ve binge-watched TV. 'Binge' via

Those post-binge-watching blues? They might be real

TV networks and streaming services are encouraging viewers to binge-watch their favorite shows. But findings from a recent study point to a potential public health concern.
Seismic changes in the television industry have transformed the ways stories are told and consumed. from

Why has TV storytelling become so complex?

Many refer to advances in television storytelling as novelistic or cinematic, but the medium deserves a term of its own: complex TV.
Backstairs politics: Kevin Spacey and Lars Mikkelsen. Netflix

Why House of Cards is a victory for Vladimir Putin

The West’s most popular political drama has finally started taking Russia seriously – a measure of how much Putin has changed the game.
Kevin Spacey’s direct address as Frank Underwood keeps the audience compliant and intrigued. Foxtel

You talking to me? House of Cards and breaking the fourth wall

Season two of US political thriller House of Cards hit Netflix as a complete 13-part series in February and, depending on which way you chose to watch it in Australia, you’ll have either binged shamelessly…
Go on … Idhren

In defence of the box set binge

In David Foster Wallace’s epic Infinite Jest, a major conceit is a film so good it reduces any and all who see it into a quivering pulp, physically unable to stop watching, wasting away into utter uselessness…

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