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Donors to The Conversation U.S.

The Conversation U.S. gratefully acknowledges the donations of our supporters during our 2021 fiscal year. Their generous gifts have helped us to grow and sustained our vital work of spreading the knowledge of academic experts to the public.

Over $5,000

Frank Selldorff
Elizabeth Daley and Peyton Fleming
The Snider Foundation
Benjamin and Katherine Taylor


Claire Cassidy
Charles Cuneo and Allyssa McCabe
Cathy Davis
Margaret Drain
Thomas Fiedler
Gayla Fitzpatrick
Patricia L. Foster
Paula Freund
Peter Hall
Merle Hinrich
Lynne Hippeau
Howard Konar
Kathy Kwan
Phlyssa Koshland
Raymond LaFrey
William Lewis
Michael McKenna
Sherri Miller
Judith Meyers Fund
Mark O'Brian
Sheryl Ouderkirk
Mark E. Peel
Kamran Razvan
Elizabeth Ritvo
Alex Villari
Ernest J. Wilson III
Kelsey Wirth and Samuel Myers
Matthew Woodruff


Tania Ahuja
Peter Cowen
Mary Croughan
John Faith
Carl Haefling
Karin Haupstein
Heidi Henning
Richard Henry
Dennis Johnson
James McClave
Paul Neely
John O'Brien
Michele Ozumba
Maude Pervere and Samuel Miller
Elizabeth Porter
Puri-Punian Family
Daniel Sperling
Robert C. Terry, Jr.
Charles Tiefer
William Trollinger
Lydia Villa-Komaroff
Linda Wilson

Thanks as well to our 6,825 other generous donors. Each gift in support of our journalism is appreciated.