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Broadcaster Alan Jones is the most influential shockjock on the air. Paul Miller/AAP

Who’s afraid of Alan Jones?

After a spectacular run-in with Environment Minister Greg Hunt recently over the proposed Shenhua Watermark coal mine, broadcaster Alan Jones had Trade Minister Andrew Robb in his sights on Wednesday…
The sort of controversy surrounding Alan Jones and 2GB is familiar territory for US shock jocks; aggressive rhetoric threatens to drown out constructive dialogue. AAP

Shock jocks unite - when commercial interests overcome public good

Macquarie Radio Network Chairman Russell Tate’s decision to suspend all advertising on radio broadcaster Alan Jones’ 2GB Breakfast Show is an extraordinary testament to the conviction that commercial media…
Broadcaster Alan Jones has been embroiled in a controversy over remarks he made on Julia Gillard’s late father. AAP/Warren Clarke

Gillard takes a calculated risk in leaving Alan Jones adrift

The interesting part about this weekend’s kerfuffle over Alan Jones’ comments about the late John Gillard is not what Jones said. After all, we’ve known about his combative - some would say offensive…

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