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The format of the ABC program Recognition: Yes or No? is problematic, and the choice of voices particularly so. ABC Publicity

Recognition: Yes or No? The ABC asks the wrong questions of the wrong people

The ABC has missed a rare opportunity to deeply engage with the diversity of views among Indigenous Australians about whether and how they should be ‘recognised’ in the Constitution.
A recent ACMA investigation found Andrew Bolt did not breach the commercial TV code of practice. AAP/Mick Tsikas

Andrew Bolt and ACMA: should ‘hyperbole’ get in the way of accuracy?

An ACMA investigation of Andrew Bolt raises questions of fair and accurate reporting, the clash over facts, fair comment and the right of readers and viewers to be fully informed.
Family First senator Bob Day’s proposed changes to Section 18C have been given fresh prominence since the Charlie Hebdo attacks. AAP/Lukas Coch

Charlie Hebdo attacks provide a false pretext for 18C debate

Early in 2014, federal Attorney-General George Brandis released a proposal to significantly amend our law against racial vilification, Sections 18C and 18D of the Racial Discrimination Act, on the strength…
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has denied claims he is positioning himself for a tilt at the Liberal leadership. AAP/Alan Porritt

Turnbull brings out all guns against Andrew Bolt

Cabinet minister Malcolm Turnbull has made an extraordinary attack on conservative News Corp writer Andrew Bolt, describing his column today as bordering “on the demented”. Turnbull told reporters that…
An ideal marketplace of ideas would allow for stupidity and prejudice to be exposed without the need for the race hate laws which were used to prosecute Andrew Bolt. AAP/Julian Smith

Bolt, Brandis and the double standard on free speech

It was the ultimate irony. On this week’s Q&A, host Tony Jones issued an apology on behalf of both Indigenous academic Marcia Langton and the ABC for Langton implying on the previous week’s program…
George Brandis has signalled the government’s intention to repeal Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. How might it affect Australian multiculturalism? AAP/Alan Porritt

Why racial hatred laws are vital to Australian multiculturalism

Federal attorney–general George Brandis has announced his intention to consult relevant parties before acting on his pre-election promise to reform Australia’s prohibition on offensive racial acts under…
Was Tony Abbott’s speech to the IPA a preview of the kind of government he and shadow Attorney General George Brandis will operate? AAP/Mick Tsivakis

Licensing hate: the possible consequences of Abbott’s racial vilification changes

As politics heightens in the decreasing count down to the 2013 Federal election, the opposition is laying its cards on the table. Always on the cards since the Institute for Public Affairs, a right-wing…
Andrew Bolt has a presence across a variety of media platforms. AAP

Andrew Bolt, racism and the internet

Already the Libertarian Right have begun to marshal their traditional arguments to cover Andrew Bolt’s disgrace by the Federal Court. Bolt himself has screeched freedom of speech in the wake of his ascerbic…
Andrew Bolt outside court in Melbourne during an earlier appearance in the case decided today. AAP

Bolt loses in court but will public condemnation follow?

Columnist and commentator Andrew Bolt has lost his racial discrimination case in the Federal Court. The action under the Racial Discrimination Act had been brought by nine Aboriginal people including high…

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