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Shifting bank risk to taxpayers is deeply unpopular, and there is an alternative. Lisa Norwood/Flickr

Explainer: too big to fail and the push for ‘bail ins’

In the last decade or so, the global financial landscape has endured two major shocks - the first with the 2007 collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market in the United States, and the second emanating…
Dance with the devil and the devil don’t change: he changes you. HowardLake

Co-op’s latest blunder spells the end for ethical banking

The Co-operative Bank is no longer. What was once an experiment in working class self-help has become the latest victim of rapid changes sweeping the financial sector. It seems unlikely that the ethical…
Taking on water is the last thing a sinking vessel needs. amirjina

Bail ins are the new bail outs, but they won’t save banking

Bailing out banks is so 2008. It seems 2013 is the year of the bank “bail in”. It started with the Co-operative Bank in the UK, when the bank’s management decided to “bail in” some of its bond holders…

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