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Prepare for more handouts: the taxpayer is the meat in the sandwich between politicians and manuocrats - those who believe the source of all our wealth is manufacturing. AAP

2013: The battle between the taxpayers and the manuocrats

The battleground between business, taxpayers and government for 2013 is taking shape. It is manufacturing and jobs. On Wednesday, building materials company Boral announced at least 700 job cuts in Australia…
The closure of BlueScope’s no 6 Blast Furnace at Port Kembla was an acknowledgement that Australia simply cannot compete with our cheaper Asian rivals.

Glimmers of hope in the steel industry’s darkest hour

The $1 billion dollar annual loss announced by BlueScope Steel confirmed what is common knowledge: the Australian steel industry is in crisis and fighting for survival. The latest statistics show that…
BlueScope has fallen victim to a changing export market, high Australian dollar and gradual structural shift to free trade policies. AAP

‘Once upon a time, when Australia had a steel industry …’

Once upon a time, 30 years ago, when we still thought the steel industry was an endless and bottomless well for economic growth and employment, many of us also believed in industry policy, corporate responsibility…

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