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Has treasurer Joe Hockey already made up his mind about the more controversial tax suggestions in the recent Re:think discussion paper? AAP/Lukas Coch

The Tax white paper - only good for fish and chips now?

Treasurer Joe Hockey’s media comments this week around contentious tax issues don’t bode well for the Taxation White paper.
Are Australians blaming the wrong people for skyrocketing house prices? Dan Peled/AAP

Seven things keeping house prices high (and foreign investment isn’t one of them)

Further reading: Little hard data in the area of foreign investment Don’t be misled on Chinese foreign investment: read the facts Don’t blame foreign investment for rising house prices Explainer: why negative…
Under the current tax regime, investors and cashed up owner occupiers are bidding up the cost of housing. Dean Lewins/AAP

Explainer: why negative gearing is bad policy

In an ideal (and economically efficient) world, tax policy would not influence the investment or consumption choices taxpayers make. In reality, this neutrality is rarely achieved. External factors influence…
There are any many reasons why someone might choose to sell assets after moving into retirement, none of which involve tax avoidance. Image sourced from

Is selling assets on retirement tax avoidance? Not so fast

Trustees of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) may have caught their breath this week when they read that the Australian Taxation Office had its eye on capital gains that were going tax-free once…
Flat earth approach: the tax burden on housing accounts for much of the financing cost of a new home. AAP

How taxing housing diminishes affordability

A fundamental truism of economics is that if you tax something, you get less of it. Tax is thus a good place to start in seeking to explain why Australia’s housing market is chronically under-supplied…

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