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Subprime ratings have come back to haunt Standard and Poor’s, which is now facing civil action from the US government. AAP

US government’s lawsuit against S&P puts ratings agencies back in the spotlight

Five billion dollars is a lot of money — and that is the amount which the US Justice Department claims were losses incurred by US banks and credit unions from investing in CDOs rated by Standard &…
The Federal Court has ordered Lehman Brothers to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation to three local Australian councils. Ozdos

Understanding the Federal Court’s landmark ruling against Lehman Brothers

“How was it that relatively unsophisticated Council officers came to invest many millions of ratepayers’ funds in these specialised financial instruments? That is the fundamental question at the heart…
Demonstrators in front of Standard & Poor’s credit rating agency offices in Paris 15 January 2012. AAP

Why we should be wary of ratings agencies

For decades, credit ratings agencies were largely ignored by the masses, but in recent months they have continued to hit the headlines again and again. The big three (Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and…

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