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Children growing up in a world of social media are developing a very different conception of privacy to that of their parents. Ed Ivanushkin/Flickr

Online and out there: how children view privacy differently from adults

Many people are shocked by what children are willing to share about themselves online. Is it that they don’t understand privacy, or just have a different conception of it compared to adults?
Children are accessing technology at an earlier age than ever. Pixabay

Banning kids from using technology is counter-productive

Taiwan recently made the unprecedented move of banning children two years and younger from using any form of digital technology. Older children and teenagers will also be severely restricted, with new…
It’s likely children will come across child-unfriendly content online, regardless of parental control. ransomtech/Flickr

Kids with Google accounts: how parents can keep them safe

You might have seen reports that Google could offer children under the age of 13 years a simple and safe way to access their internet services, including Gmail and YouTube. But will this new strategy really…
I’m sure I use mine more that you do. Boys and smartphone via Twin Design/Shutterstock

Unlocking the habits of Britain’s smartphone generation

The bond between a child and their smartphone is like an umbilical cord. Now, a new survey has uncovered just how dependent the “smartphone generation” of British children are on the devices compared to…

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