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The plane carrying UK’s Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh arrives at Eastleigh Airport in Nairobi in February 1952. Photo by: Bristol Archives/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Nairobi’s airports – windows on Kenya’s colonial past and top-down planning

Airport passenger terminals are often designed to flaunt a city and country. Embakasi’s rudimentary terminal made Nairobi’s newest airport more colonial utility than colonial showpiece.
With the right legislation, Ghana hopes to improve aviation compliance and safety. Shutterstock

Ghana aims for safer skies with new aviation laws

It’s hoped that this new aviation legal framework will help Ghana to improve its reputation and performance in all sorts of safety and compliance measures.
There’s still plenty of reason to know how to use this Morse telegraph key. Jason Salmon/

Simply elegant, Morse code marks 175 years and counting

Morse code works whether flashing a spotlight or blinking your eyes – or even tapping on a smartphone touchscreen.
Researchers have reviewed evidence for wildlife disturbance and current drone policies and found that the law is playing catch-up with emerging technology. Pip Wallace

Drones and wildlife – working to co-exist

The drone market is booming, with some unwanted consequences for wildlife. A new study argues that threatened species might need extra protections.

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