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Deep underground the coal is off - but the heat is still on. Ashley Dace

Underground water heat will aid bid to hit renewable targets

Solar and wind power rightly receive a lot of attention as we struggle to ramp up renewable electricity and move away from fossil fuels. But in a damp, blustery island such as ours, generating heat is…
Your footprint is bigger (and messier) than you’ve been led to believe. KR1212

Carbon footprint is not as small as you think

The UK government has made much of claims that its climate policies have been successful in reducing carbon emissions. This claim is based on the data used to create the national inventories required under…
Global carbon emissions, by country - climate legislation helps. Distantbody

In praise of Britain’s Climate Change Act

Approved with overwhelming support from all political parties, the Climate Change Act came into force in 2008 and was hailed as a ground-breaking piece of legislation that would guide Britain’s transition…

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