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Dobell MP Craig Thomson has been spending time in a courthouse in addition to Parliament House in recent times. AAP/Lukas Coch

The NSW Central Coast: beautiful one day, Dobell the next

The seats of Dobell and Robertson encompass most of the Central Coast between Sydney and Newcastle and therefore preside over a glistening necklace of beaches and waterways that are among the most beautiful…
Embattled federal MP Craig Thomson has been granted bail after being charged with fraud. AAP Image/Quentin Jones

What next in the Craig Thomson case?

The Craig Thomson case will take over a year to work its way through the Victorian courts and is unlikely to result in the fall of the Gillard government before the September election, experts said today…
We’ve had a glimpse into the world of Craig Thomson, but he’s trying to justify a view that no one outside the political game can understand. AAP Image/Lukas Coch

All in the game: shining a light into the weird world of Craig Thomson

The ALP and the union movement have never liked scabs. But yesterday we witnessed a labour scab of a different sort as The Wound Formally Known As Craig Thomson continued to be bleed rather than heal…
Thomson became emotional as he described the toll media scrutiny had taken on his family. AAP/Alan Porritt

Craig Thomson shoots from the hip in speech to parliament

Craig Thomson’s address to parliament today promised to either clear the air or dig a deeper hole for the embattled MP. It would be an understatement to say that the Craig Thomson affair has been an unwelcome…
The pressure continues to intensify on embattled MP Craig Thomson. AAP/Lukas Coch

FWA urges civil suit against Thomson: experts respond

Fair Work Australia (FWA) has recommended civil court action be taken against MP and former Health Services Union (HSU) national secretary Craig Thomson. The regulator says the union committed 105 breaches…
Former Health Services Union head Craig Thomson represents a vital vote for the Gillard government. AAP Image/Penny Bradfield

Health Services Union: why union members deserve better

The ACTU yesterday voted to suspend the Health Servives Union from affiliation until they can prove that issues of governance have been dealt with appropriately. Although it does seem to have been a slow…
Doctors have far more important things to do than act as clerical cogs in a pseudo-system pretending to account for the absence of people from their work.

Craig Thomson saga shows doctors’ certificates are a sick joke

Labor MP Craig Thomson is the latest Australian worker to be stung by the outdated culture of medical certificates. Thomson fell ill last week with abdominal pain and was issued a medical certificate that…

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