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A simpler company tax system would collect more and could fund a lower rate. Shutterstock

Here’s a long-term budget fix that would boost investment: replace company tax with cashflow tax

The budget looks good, for now. But the surge in taxable profits will subside as companies find ways to shift profits offshore. We’ve come up a better way to tax onshore what happens onshore.
New write-off rules may be too good to be true for some small businesses. Image sourced from

How the small business write-off can make you worse off

The $20,000 immediate write-off for small business has been broadly welcomed, but modelling shows there will be losers.
Immediate tax deductions for small business are designed to boost investment and confidence. AAP.Julian Smith

Why the small business tax break could pay for itself

The small business package allowing firms to depreciate up to $20,000 of assets comes with a hefty upfront cost - but the government collects later.

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