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Anyone can use a discretionary trust but the beneficiaries of trusts are usually all part of the one family or extended family. Joel Carrett/AAP

Family trusts often cause more harm than good

Overwhelmingly, trusts are used to minimise tax, avoid paying creditors and to avoid the fair division of property after a relationship breakdown.
Tax benefits have made family trusts an increasingly popular financial arrangement. Image from

Time for policymakers to address tax benefits from family trusts

Family trusts have featured heavily as part of recent media reporting of the circumstances of two very high-profile families: the Rineharts and the Obeids. Of course, these are not the only families that…
There are some issues to consider when placing assets and property in a discretionary trust. Image from

Beware the pitfalls of the discretionary family trust

The essence of the legal relationship known as a trust is the separation of legal ownership of assets from beneficial ownership of those assets. The trustee is the legal owner and beneficiaries are beneficial…

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