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Researchers burned by copyright ‘take-downs’ do have other options. marfis75

Riled up by Elsevier’s take-downs? Time to embrace open access

The publishing giant Elsevier owns much of the world’s academic knowledge, in the form of article copyright. In the past few weeks it has stepped up enforcement of its property rights, issuing “take-down…
Library subscriptions to academic journals can cost up to $40,000 a year. Flickr/vanherdehaage

UK move to ‘open access’ in publishing ‘misguided’

Advocates of “open access” publishing in academia say a UK report that proposes spending £60 million a year to make all publicly-funded…
Academic publishing firms have been all too keen to monopolise a crucial public good: academic knowledge. giulia.forsythe

The great publishing swindle: the high price of academic knowledge

One of the great outrages of academia in the modern age is the privatisation of the profits accruing to publicly-financed knowledge. One form is that of academic journals, a primary method of disseminating…
Californian Republican Darrell Issa has dropped his support for a bill that would restrict free access to taxpayer-funded research. AAP/Francis Specker

Push to block free access to academic research falters in the US

A controversial US bill that was designed to block access to vast amounts of academic research appears to have collapsed…

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