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Conventional forecasts have consistently overestimated energy use, leading to increased investment in energy infrastructure.  Indigo Skies Photography /Flickr

Inaccurate energy forecasts are costing us the Earth: here’s why

Electricity forecasts just 4 years ago predicted strong, uninterrupted growth in electricity demand. In reality, demand has fallen for the past four years. Why?
BP’s energy outlook would make it difficult to keep warming below 2C. EPA/BERND THISSEN

BP’s extreme climate forecast puts energy giant in a bind

BP's Energy Outlook report forecast an increase in fossil fuel use by a third. That would make it difficult to keep warming below 2C.
It’s hard to imagine a future without fossil fuel, but sound modelling can help. Dave Clarke

Carbon tax dumped: how do we get to 100% renewable energy?

The Federal Government has sparked significant debate with the confirmation it intends to move from a fixed carbon price to an emissions trading scheme next year. But where is the description of the long…
Australia has so many energy sources to choose from: which way will we go? AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Energy revolution or bloody war – it’s our choice

Running a business in Australia’s energy sector is difficult. Proprietors have to contend with intense competition, rapid technological change, climate change, natural disasters…even complaints about rising…

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